Fischer composite decking – Product description


HOLORIB® and SUPERHOLORIB® composite decking profiles are 51 mm high and have a cover width (dimension between centre lines 4x150 mm) of 600 mm. They are available in sheet thicknesses of 0.75, 0.88, 1.00 and 1.25 mm. The upper flanges of SUPERHOLORIB® composite deckings are provided with embossed stubs which ensure, like the ribs of concrete steel VI, continuous adhesion with the concrete (surface adhesion).

HOLORIB® and SUPERHOLORIB® composite deckings are suited for static, but also for dynamic loads. HOLORIB® composite floor is the most popular composite floor which has been officially approved for the longest time. It complies with all requirements in terms of fire protection, structure of girders, dynamic load and sound insulation.

Fischer HOLORIB® and SUPERHOLORIB® composite deckings are suitable for load-bearing floors made from profiled steel panels and in-situ concrete. The large panels serve as formwork and at the same time, in combination with concrete, as reinforcement. Thus they are more economical than conventional floors. Fischer composite deckings are used for office and administrative buildings, multi-storey buildings, multi-storey car parks, schools and universities.
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