Sandwich panels now have new functionality: FischerSONIC converts a regular building façade into an invisible loudspeaker without the need for a special inner sheet.


Surface loudspeakers reach a max. radiation angle of 180°. To create an optimal sound experience, a special amplifier with an integral signal processor was specifically designed for FischerSONIC panels.

FischerSONIC is easy to install as everything is preassembled. The installation is not much different from other sandwich façade panels. FischerSONIC panels can be invisibly integrated into the façade in virtually no time at all.

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In our reference gallery, we present a general view of some selected completed projects. Here you will see various buildings, some of them rather spectacular, that have been realised using Fischer elements.

With innovative concepts such as FischerKLIPTEC and FischerTHERM Carrier, we set new standards in product design so that you can accomplish projects that are worthwhile to see - today and tomorrow.

Be inspired by the variety of these buildings and the large range of design options, which are available using Fischer Profil products.

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