FischerTHERM plusdach roof - Product description
In addition to the proven FischerTHERM roof elements, the Fischer plus range offers the possibility of concealed fastening. When visible self-tapping screws, as in the case of FischerTHERM roof elements, are not desired, you may opt for FischerTHERM plusdach.
FischerTHERM plusdach is a sandwich roof element with concealed fastening.
It is made up of proven FischerTHERM roof elements with a thickness between 70 and 140 mm, self-tapping screws with spherical caps type 41-50 with aluminium zinc coating and a clip-on Fischer plus rail which is safely and permanently clipped onto the spherical caps. plus rail has exactly the same surface finish as the outer sheet of FischerTHERM roof elements. Here, the many positive features of FischerTHERM roof elements are combined with visually pleasing concealed fastening.


Fischer plus rail offers the possibility of concealed fastening, which adds to the various outstanding features of the proven FischerTHERM roof elements. The major benefit of this concept is the combination of aesthetics and function: enhanced protection from rain and condensate on the one hand and concealed screw heads on the other. This is achieved with plus rails that can be conveniently clipped onto the spherical caps. Also existing roofs may be retrofitted with FischerTHERM roof elements.

The special DUO seal ensures excellent sealing features.

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