FischerKASSETTE – Product description
Galvanised and plastic coated steel sheet wound on coils up to 10 tons in weight is continuously processed in roll forming equipment with up to 32 pairs of rolls to produce liner tray profiles. Sheet thicknesses vary from 0.75 to 1.25 mm, and grades range from S 280 GD to S 350 GD according to DIN EN 10147 (continuously hot-dip galvanised sheet and strip of construction steel).


FischerKASSETTEN serve as the inner, load-bearing sheet of double-sheet wall systems,. They are horizontally fastened in front of the building supports and accommodate thermal insulation (e.g., mineral fibre slabs or mats). FischerTRAPEZ profiles are fastened to the liner trays, e.g., in a vertical direction.
For enhanced acoustic and sound insulation, perforated acoustic liner trays are used.
Systems Overview

Zweischalige gedämmte Metallwand mit innenliegenden FischerKASSETTEN

FischerKASSETTE roof
Zweischaliges, gedämmtes Metalldach mit innenliegenden FischerKASSETTEN

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In our reference gallery, we present a general view of some selected completed projects. Here you will see various buildings, some of them rather spectacular, that have been realised using Fischer elements.

With innovative concepts such as FischerKLIPTEC and FischerTHERM Carrier, we set new standards in product design so that you can accomplish projects that are worthwhile to see - today and tomorrow.

Be inspired by the variety of these buildings and the large range of design options, which are available using Fischer Profil products.

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